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    Deploy prison inmates to farms to strengthen fight against Food Shortage, FG urged

    A prominent social advocate, Mr. Ukwunetu Samuel Ali has proposed the engagement of prison inmates to enhance Nigeria’s agricultural sector through production.

    He stated this in his recent proposal that was submitted to the Federal Government, titled; Optimal Strategies for Reviving the Agricultural Sector in Nigeria Via the Engagement of Inmates of the Nigeria Custodian Centers.

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    Ali stated that to achieve this, there is need for collaboration among key government ministries, including agriculture, interior, and Justice—to develop effective strategies.

    According to him, these strategies would facilitate inmate participation in agricultural activities while addressing logistical and security challenges.

    He noted that a lot of human and material resources in the country have been neglected, and this has impacted society negatively.

    Ali emphasized that food is a fundamental human need and that farming is essential for meeting this need. He asserted that the government’s ability to harness its human resources for agriculture is crucial in creating an enviable society.

    He highlighted the historical significance of agriculture in Nigeria’s development and pointed out that previous leaders had implemented policies that prioritized farming, leading to significant growth and self-sufficiency in the country.

    “To revive the agricultural fortune of Nigeria and to varnish acute hunger, concerted effort should be made to ensure that agricultural policies are tailored toward making farming attractive to the teeming youths across the country.

    “The founding fathers of the nation made conscious effort and produced policies that made farming the mainstay of the people. That has resulted in growth and self-sufficiency of the country.”

    Reflecting on Nigeria’s historical reliance on agriculture for economic growth and self-sufficiency, Ali lamented the sector’s decline since the 1970s oil boom and subsequent neglect by administrations.



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