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    Fish farming potential to boost food security, local economy – Farmer

    A renowned fish farmer in Lagos State, Femi Idowu, has expressed that fish farming has the potential to contribute to food security and economic development in Nigeria if well managed and funded.

    According to him, fish is a high-quality source of protein essential for human health. He notes that fish farming can be done sustainably without damaging the environment, while also creating jobs and generating income for rural communities.

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    “In my case, I was motivated to get into fish farming because I saw the potential for it to be a sustainable and profitable business. I also believe that fish farming can play a significant role in food security and economic development in Lagos, Nigeria,” he said.

    While speaking with Agronigeria recently, he revealed both the opportunities and challenges faced in his fish farming pursuit, including access to quality feed, high costs, theft, and cannibalism, among others.

    He stated that fish feed is a major input cost for fish farmers, and it can be challenging to find high-quality feed at a reasonable price.

    “Theft and cannibalism of the catfish on the smaller fishes are another problem if not sorted in time. Also, it can be difficult to find buyers for fish, and prices can be volatile. Securing a premium price for catfish in the market is a major concern,” he added.

    Meanwhile, he noted his abilities in overcoming these challenges so far by developing relationships with suppliers of high-quality fish feed, learning about fish diseases and pests, and developing methods for controlling them without using chemicals.

    He has also developed a marketing plan and established relationships with potential buyers.

    Speaking further, he emphasized his vision of being a leader in the development of sustainable and profitable fish farming practices.

    “I want to help other farmers overcome the challenges that I have faced, and I want to promote the benefits of fish farming to the public,” he states.

    He maintained that with enough funds to actualize his dreams, he would invest in research and development to develop improved fish farming technologies and provide training and support to farmers to help them improve their production practices.

    He also promised to promote the benefits of fish farming to the public through education and outreach programs and lobby for policies that support the growth of the fish farming industry.

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