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    BUK holds international conference on sustainability, ecological resilence

    The Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences , Bayero University Kano (BUK), has organized its first international conference on sustainability and ecological resilence in the Muslim World towards addressing global climate crisis.

    The Vice Chancellor of the University BUK, Prof Sagir Adamu-Abbas, said global climate crisis is affecting the global space and if not urgently tackled the future of our children and human race will be uncertain and unfulfilling.

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    The conference with the theme “Addressing Global & Local Environmental Crises: Islamic Perspectives and Muslim Experiences”

    He explained the aim of the conference was to explore the vast knowledge and rich traditions within the Islamic faith that can guide humans towards a more sustainable future.

    “We as a research community, seek solutions that are not only effective but also resonate with the values and beliefs of diverse populations” he said.

    “Islam has offered a comprehensive framework for sustainable living. From the Quranic verses that proclaim stewardship over the Earth to the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) teachings on moderation and compassion” he said.

    “Our faith lays out a clear path towards harmony with nature” he said.

    “We stand at crossroads, the delicate balance of our planet is tilting, and consequences of environmental degradation, increasing hunger, conflicts, and ill-health are becoming increasingly evident”

    On his part,the Dean of Faculty of Earth and Environmental Science BUK, Prof Aliyu Barau, said 308 climate related disasters worldwide was recorded by the Asian Disaster Reduction Center 2022.

    “We are already engulfed by multiple ecological crises that amplify massive social insecurity and economic collapse that loom large everywhere.

    “Human race has thrown away responsibility and accountability for the planet that Allah entrusted us with for intergenerational use and sharing.

    “Over decades, we have witnessed efforts put in place by governments, international institutions, universities, media, and civil society to save the planet” he said.

    “In the last five years, every year is hotter than its predecessor and this is seriously threatening our lives, wellbeing, mental health and resilience to diseases.

    “It is necessary to seek for alternative pathways for checkmating these huge existential threats” Barau said.

    The Kano State Commissioner for Environment, Nasiru Sule-Garo, reiterated government committement in ensuring healthy and clean environment through awareness, environmental education and tree planting to address environmental challenges.

    Earlier, Chairman of the conference, former Executive Secretary National University Commission, Prof Abubakar Rasheed, said protecting the environment is the only way to maintain balance of life in the planet.

    “Caring for our environment is caring for our self’s. Neglecting our environment is neglecting our wellbeing, as the air we breath around us help us to survive”

    Also, the Director Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Society UK, Mr Kamran Shezad, presented a paper on Qur’an,Sunna and Climate Crises.

    The First International Transdisciplinary Hybrid Conference was Organized by BUK, Al Istiqama University, Sumaila and International Institute of Islamic Thought.



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