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    Green Climate Africa partners Kaduna Gov’t to fight climate change 

    A Non-Governmental Organization that is championing the fight against climate change in Nigeria, Green Climate Africa, has paid an advocacy visit to the Kaduna State Ministry of Environment to strengthen ties on the fight against climate change in the state.

    Chairman and Founder of the foundation, Yusuf Idris Amoke disclosed this in a statement after the meeting, which was chaired by the Permanent Secretary of the ministry.

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    He said on behalf of the Honorable Commissioner of the Kaduna State Ministry of Environment, the Green Climate Africa delegation was cordially received by the Permanent Secretary and all the directors of the ministry.

    “The central focus of our meeting revolved around the imperative of forging a collaborative partnership to position our state at the forefront of the battle against climate change and other pressing environmental issues within Nigeria.

    “Numerous areas for potential collaboration were identified during our discussions, and these avenues will be further explored in the future.”

    The team together with the members of the ministry during the visit.

    According to Amoke, one project that particularly piqued the interest of the ministry was the “Green Hangout.”

    “This initiative is a biennial event that brings together stakeholders from six key sectors: government, private industry, civil society organizations, development partners, academia, and the local community.

    “The Green Hangout serves as a platform for the cross-pollination of ideas and the examination of both global and local issues concerning climate change and environmental matters in a comprehensive manner.”

    He added that the upcoming edition of the Green Hangout is divided into three distinct sessions. The first session will feature a presentation by a renowned climate change expert. The second session will showcase the achievements of successful social entrepreneurs who have effectively addressed environmental challenges, particularly those linked to climate change.

    “The third session will host a panel discussion, with each sector’s representative engaging in discourse surrounding topics raised in the preceding sessions.

    “Our optimism abounds that this partnership will yield mutual benefits and significantly contribute to the battle against climate change, both within the state and on a broader scale,” he disclosed.



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