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    INTERVIEW: How youths participation will enhance climate change mitigation campaign in Africa – Climate change activist

    Aliyu Abubakar Shehu, is a young environmentalist, researcher and climate change activist. In this interview with AgroClimateNews, he explains how youth can actively participate in mitigating the climate change effects on agriculture as well as why individuals should embrace tree planting to reduce excessive high temperature experience recently. Excerpts;_

    By Zahraddeen Yakubu Shuaibu

    As a climate change activist, how do you perceive the current climate challenges in Africa?

    Climate change is a real and pressing problem, affecting the world today, and Sub-Saharan Africa in particular. What makes the issue particularly serious in African countries is the lack of adequate coping mechanisms when compared to developed countries. This means that we need to intensify our efforts in adapting to and mitigating the problem.

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    What do you think can be done to raise awareness about climate change and other related environmental challenges?

    Inequality is a significant problem, but what we urgently need to do is educate and inform various groups, such as farmers and women, about the reality and impact of climate change. These groups are closely connected to nature, they have a significant stake in addressing the climate issues. Therefore, after educating them about climate change and its impacts, we should empower them.

    In what ways can young people be actively engaged in activities concerning climate change and the environment?

    The youth are the future leaders, both at their individual level and within their communities, from local to global scales. They should be involved in programs and policies aimed at creating a brighter future. They can engage in activities such as raising awareness and implementing projects related to tree planting, climate-smart agriculture, and nature conservation.

    Can you elaborate on the effects of climate change on food security in Africa?

    Changes in rainfall patterns and temperatures have a significant impact on crop growth, from germination to harvesting and post-harvest activities. These changes ultimately affect food production and hinder our ability to meet the demands for food in both urban and rural areas.

    What steps should farmers and other relevant stakeholders take to cope with the effects of climate change on the agricultural sector?

    Climate change has brought about various environmental and land changes. Therefore, we need to adopt climate-smart agriculture practices that can help us turn these challenges into opportunities.

    Flood has consistently proven to be a challenging climate disaster in Nigeria. What strategies can be employed to address the problem?

    Climate-related problems can be region-specific in Nigeria. I advise governments to work closely with communities, and communities should support government guidelines and programs to address the issue effectively.

    What measures do you believe authorities should consider in mitigating the effects of extreme heat recently experienced?

    Planting trees, preserving nature, and reducing emissions as much as possible are essential steps to take. By implementing these measures, we can make a positive change, Insha’Allah.



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