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    Producing quick maturing crops critical to achieving food security – ARCN

    The Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (ARCN) stressed the crucial role of prioritizing quick-maturing crops like rice, yams, and cassava in achieving national food security.

    The council’s executive secretary, Garba Sharubutu made this statement during a press briefing held in Abuja.

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    He urged the government not to neglect other commodities, including cash crops, in the government’s diversification efforts. He noted that this approach aligns with President Tinubu’s focus on food security.

    According to him, “If we need food to be placed on the table, our advice to the government is to concentrate on quick maturing crops. What do we mean by quick maturing crops? We mean rice, we mean yam, we mean cassava, we mean Guinea corn, millet. These are what we call the quick maturing crops.

    “Our advice is that other products or ordered commodities should not be neglected. We can not neglect the cash crop because of the need to diversify. And if you look at the mandate of Mr. President, and his priority list, he mentioned food security as a priority.”

    He noted that the nation has up to 16 research institutions with specific mandates to focus on different crops.

    Some of these institutions focus on cereals such as rice and beans, while others are dedicated to tree crops like rubber and palm oil. There are also institutions responsible for fisheries, covering marine and freshwater.

    “There are those that are responsible for livestock, like the National veterinary research institute, as well as the national animal production research institute. There are also those that are responsible for extension, national agricultural extension research, and liaison services.”

    Garba stressed the necessity for enhanced collaboration between agricultural stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of closer ties with farmers, commodity associations, and meteorological units. Speaking on President Tinubu’s plan to revamp commodity associations, he highlighted the influence these associations hold over farmers, often more than the government due to political dynamics.

    “We need a closer collaboration with our farmers, commodity associations, and meteorological units. If you recall, when President Tinubu was talking about the declaration of a state of emergency, he aims to revive the commodity associations.”

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