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    Behold the new face of Kano’s ACRESAL Dr. Dahir M. Hashim

    Dr. Dahir M. Hashim, a visionary medical doctor whose unwavering passion for the environment has transformed him into an outstanding Environmental and Climate Change Expert.

    At the intersection of changing climate and human health, Dr. Hashim not only prescribed antibiotics to alleviate ailments but felt compelled to tackle the root causes of these health challenges. His profound insights led him to advocate for addressing critical issues such as increasing temperatures and low air quality as the major culprits behind numerous ailments.

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    Recognizing the global significance of his mission, Dr. Hashim’s dedication has been formally recognized and celebrated. He has joined the esteemed ranks of influential organizations like the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, where he plays a pivotal role in shaping climate policy and solutions.

    As a proud member of the Official Youth Constituency of the UNFCCC, Dr. Hashim represents the voice of future generations, injecting youthful enthusiasm and fresh perspectives into the global climate dialogue.
    Not stopping there, Dr. Hashim’s exceptional commitment earned him a coveted spot as a Climate Leadership Fellow in COHORT4, where he hones his leadership skills to inspire meaningful change worldwide.

    At COP27, the esteemed Climate Change Conference, Dr. Hashim proudly represented Nigeria, lending his expertise and passion to promote sustainable solutions on an international stage.

    Taking his quest for knowledge to new heights, Dr. Hashim pursued studies at the prestigious Hillary Clinton School of Climate Change in the United States, where he sharpened his expertise to tackle environmental challenges head-on.

    But his dedication to the medical profession remains unwavering. Dr. Hashim continues to hold a prominent position within the esteemed Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, maintaining a strong bond between his medical background and his passion for environmental sustainability.

    Dr. Hashim is also a prominent member of the Nigerian Environmental Society, contributing his knowledge and expertise to foster a greener and healthier future for his country.



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