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    ACReSAL partners World Bank on water resources management in Kano

    The Agro-Climate Resilience in Semi-Arid Landscapes (ACReSAL) project in collaboration with the World Bank has organized a 3-Day First Holistic and Collective Meeting on the Hadejia Jamaare Kumadugu Yobe Basin in Kano State.

    The inaugural meeting of the Advisory Committee on the Replication of the Successful Management Model of the Hadejia Jamaare Kumadugu Yobe Basin was aimed at a significant stride toward sustainable water resource management.

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    The meeting brainstormed on how to equitably manage the Hadejia Jamaare Komadugu Yobe basin facility among the riparian States.

    This was contained in a statement released by Kano ACReSAL communication officer, Maryam Abdulqadir, on Sunday.

    ‘’The meeting brought together key stakeholders from the riparian states to discuss and deliberate on equitable resource allocation and sustainable utilization of the Hadejia Jamaare Kumadugu Yobe Basin, the statement said.

    The statement said ACReSAL and Stakeholders from relevant MDAs later visited the Tiga dam, one of the major tributaries to the basin that was purposely constructed to address food security issues and domestic usage.

    According to the statement, the Hadejia Jamaare Kumadugu Yobe Basin is a vital water resource shared among Nigeria’s northern states: Jigawa, Bauchi, Yobe, and Borno. This basin supports various socio-economic activities, including agriculture, fisheries, and livestock production, making it essential for the livelihoods of millions of people in the region.

    However, the growing demand for water resources and the impacts of climate change pose significant challenges to the sustainable management of this crucial basin.

    The team critically examined the situation around the Tiga and identified areas that needed intervention.

    The Project Coordinator for Yobe, Alhaji Shehu Muhammad who presided over the meeting commended the level of commitment shown by the participants both at the conference and at the site.

    “The commitment displayed by our participants, both in this meeting and on the ground, underscores the shared determination to safeguard our precious Hadejia Jamaare Kumadugu Yobe Basin for the well-being of our communities and the sustainability of our environment.”

    The Kano State Project Coordinator Dr. Dahir M. Hashim gave a brief about Tiga Dam and the purpose of its construction. The dam covers an area of 178 square meters.

    “Celebrating the Tiga Dam, which spans an impressive 178 square kilometers, is not just about acknowledging its vast expanse. It’s about recognizing the profound purpose it was constructed to serve. This monumental engineering feat was designed to be a lifeline for our people, ensuring access to clean water, fertile lands, and economic opportunities. As we stand in awe of its grandeur, let us also stand in appreciation of the commitment that brought it into being and the promise it holds for our communities’ future.”

    “From its inception, the Tiga Dam has been a testament to our collective vision for sustainable development. It stands as a symbol of our determination to harness nature’s gifts wisely, for the benefit of current and future generations. As we gather here today, let us recommit ourselves to the responsible stewardship of this vital resource, ensuring that its waters continue to flow as a source of life and prosperity for all,” he added.

    ACReSAL is a project that seeks to increase the adoption of sustainable Landscape Management Practices in targeted watersheds in Northern Nigeria and to strengthen Nigeria’s Long-term framework for integrated Climate Resilience Landscape Management.



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